Alert for Measles in Louisiana and Report Suspected Cases

02/03/2015 02:50:04 PM
Message Severity: HIGH

This is a message from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Emergency Operations Center (DHH EOC). To remain current on newly released information about the recent national measles outbreak, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website at .

The Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) and CDC encourages healthcare providers to consider measles when evaluating a patient with febrile rash and ask about a patient's vaccine status, recent travel history, and contact with individuals who have febrile rash illness.

Measles can be prevented with the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. In the United States, widespread use of measles vaccine has led to a greater than 99% reduction in measles cases compared with the pre-vaccine era. For additional information on measles vaccination, visit the CDC website at .

Also, please see the letter attached for additional information on measles signs and symptoms and reporting suspected cases.

By Louisiana statue, measles must be reported immediately upon suspicion. Please report suspected measles cases promptly to the Louisiana Office of Public Health Immunization Program at 504-838-5300 or Louisiana Epidemiology Hotline 800-256-2748 after hours.