As to all professions over which it has jurisdiction, the Board's principal functions are essentially the same:

(a) Licensing/Certification. The Board examines applicants for licensure or certification to validate minimum competence for practice by verifying that they possess the educational and other credentials prescribed by statute and Board rules, investigation of the applicant's licensure status and history in other jurisdictions, and by examination. Licenses/certifications are generally renewed annually (some biannually) pursuant to re-verification of certain requirements and conditions. Renewals for some categories are on a calendar year basis, but the majority are based on a birth month schedule.

(b) Regulations. Pursuant to its rulemaking authority under the practice acts it administers, and in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act, the Board promulgates procedural rules implementing its licensing/certification authority and substantive rules regulating practice.

(c) Enforcement. The Board investigates consumer, patient and licensee complaints and alleged or indicated violations of the several practice acts and, upon a finding of probable cause initiates and conducts administrative disciplinary proceedings to adjudicate whether legal cause exists for the suspension, revocation or imposition of probationary terms and/or conditions on any license or certification. The Board's disciplinary authority includes limited authority to impose monetary fines and obtain reimbursement of costs and attorneys fees incurred by the Board in the investigation and prosecution of licensees. The Board also possesses and employs authority to take action against unauthorized practitioners by means of civil injunctive proceedings.

(d) Advisory Rulings. The Board serves an informational and advisory role to the public, its constituent licensees and State government by providing declaratory rulings, advisory opinions and Statements of Position on various medical/legal issues within its jurisdiction.

(e) Other Activities. The Board participates in a Physicians Health Program, jointly organized and conducted with the Louisiana State Medical Society, to identify physically or mentally impaired (or potentially impaired) physicians toward securing timely treatment and rehabilitation for the protection of the public. And, the Board publishes a periodic Newsletter, mailed to all licensed physicians and other health care entities, providing information the Board considers important for licensees.