Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee Meetings:
To see the current meeting schedule of the Advisory Committees of the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, please click on the appropriate committee names below.  Each link will show you the dates of the upcoming and past meetings.  For upcoming meetings, the Notice and Agenda will be posted per Open Meetings law.  For past meetings, links to the meeting minutes and any Youtube link associated with that meeting will be posted. 

For Public Comment and/or to view or attend meetings:
For those who want to watch the public session of the meeting, please note a Youtube link will be posted to the Board’s website, next to the particular advisory committee’s agenda and notice of meeting, at the appointed time of the meeting.  Please note, the link will not be posted earlier than the time of the meeting and may take a few minutes to be posted.  The meeting will not begin until the link is posted. 

Individuals who wish to make a public comment before or during the meeting, may do so by emailing:  Public comments comprised of videos and/or audio content must be limited to no more than 3 minutes length and the email size must be less than 10 megabytes.  Both requirements must be met, or the content will be refused by our system. All comments received prior to or during the meeting will be identified and acknowledged during the meeting and maintained in the meeting minutes.

Members of the public may give verbal comment on any agenda item when the matter comes up for discussion.  Individuals wishing to make verbal comment must email with the subject line “ZOOM LINK REQUEST” to request a link to the videoconference, identifying themselves by name and relevant affiliation, if any, and the agenda item about which they wish to make verbal comment.  This request should be made as far in advance of the meeting as possible so that the request can be processed. The committee will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests made while the meeting is in progress but cannot guarantee that such requests can be honored. The committee reserves the right to limit or prohibit participation in order to maintain orderly conduct of the meeting in accordance with La. R.S. 42:17(C).