All public records requests should be addressed to:

Vincent A. Culotta, Jr., M.D.,Executive Director
Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners
630 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 568-6820

In compliance with Act 256 of the 2019 Legislature, the Board gives notice to the public that any information submitted to the Board may become public record unless specifically exempted by the Public Records Law, R.S. 44:1 et seq.

Public Records Request Form: Complete this form PRIOR to printing if mailing.

To send the Board a public records request, please click on the button below:   

§1281. Fees and costs

 (d) Miscellaneous costs, fees, and charges for the following information, products, or services shall not exceed the following amounts:

  • Dishonored negotiable instrument - $50.00 per instrument.
  • The actual costs associated with electronic or credit card payments and transactions.  Such as our e-check charge of $3.00 to pay electronically.
  • Annual report or official listing of holders of licenses, permits, certificates, or registrations issued by the board - $50.00 [this is for the paper copy or pdf, not an electronic spreadsheet]
  • Official documents or publications of the board; $1.50 per page [Such as when we publish a Board Report -- not applicable to public records requests where DOA provides the charge per page]
  • Certification of document as true copy; $25.00
  • Certification of document as official record; $25.00
  • Verification or certification of good standing of license, permit, certificate, or registration; $100.00
  • Duplicate original of license, permit, registration, certificate, or wallet identification card; $100.00

LAC 4.I.301 permits per page charge for Division of Administration for PRR responses - .25 Per page