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Established in 1894, the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME) protects the health, welfare and safety of Louisiana citizens against the unprofessional, improper, and unauthorized practice of medicine by ensuring that those who practice medicine and other allied health professions under our jurisdiction are qualified and competent to do so.   In addition, the Board serves in an advisory capacity to the public and the state with respect to the practice of medicine.




Board Members

  • Christy L. Valentine, MD (President)
  • Roderick V. Clark, MD (Vice President)
  • Joseph Kerry Howell, MD (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Kweli J. Amusa, MD
  • Mark Henry Dawson, MD
  • Lester W. Johnson, MD
  • Daniel K. Winstead, MD

Executive Staff

   Executive Director

   Director of Operations

   Director of Investigations

   Executive Assistant

   Director of Licensing

   Director of I.T.

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