ONLINE VERIFICATION: In order to use the Online Verification service you will need to have Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome or Firefox.
An official statement as to the status of an individual licensee may be viewed and downloaded at no cost. This represents an official statement from LSBME and meets all requirements for primary source verification. The license expiration date as shown on the LSBME website verification page reflects the official and current status of the license for all licensees. NOTE:  IF A DATE IS NOT LISTED UNDER “ISSUE DATE” ON THE VERIFICATION PAGE, THEN THE INDIVIDUAL IS NOT LICENSED IN LOUISIANA. 


DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS: If a licensee has ever been the subject of disciplinary action by the Board, the type of discipline and current status will be noted on the verification page. Board Orders, Consent Decrees and Reprimands are public records and may be obtained by writing to the Board. A summary of Board Orders, Consent Decrees and Reprimands for the past 10 years and related documents may be found by selecting Disciplinary Actions.


WRITTEN VERIFICATION: A copy containing the same information shown on the online verification may be obtained by submitting a written request using this form.
**Fee is $25.00. Requests will not be processed until payment is received.
*If you have more than one license/permit you need verified, a $25 fee is required for EACH license/permit.

*If you need the verification to go to multiple states, a $25 fee is required for EACH state.


OFFICIAL LIST: A list of persons with current licenses may be downloaded here.The list is sorted by professional discipline and includes the following data information: name, license type, license number, expiration date and business address. The list is updated every month. There is no charge for this list.




Physician Profile/Sanctions (FSMB)


Physician Profiles (AMA)



This verification service provides data extracted by the LSBME from its own database. The data in this web site is provided by and controlled entirely by the LSBME and therefore constitutes a primary source verification as authentic as a direct inquiry to the LSBME. The information provided through the verification service is all of the information pertinent and available in that field of information in the LSBME database. The information is Real-Time-Data (up-to-the-minute information).